27 Inspirational Tolerance Quotes

Humans have always had different opinions on every topic under the sun. We’ve gone to war because of differences in opinions. These quotes about tolerance demonstrate how exercising acceptance and patience can lead to more peaceful and harmonious outcomes. Don’t let hate and negativity get in the way of a better world. Use these tolerance quotes to remind yourself every day that peace begins with you.

Our tolerance lowers when we get stressed.

Our judgment is clouded when we are intolerant.

Getting frustrated over small things gets in the way of achievement.

Tolerance creates a peaceful world.

If everyone exercised tolerance, we would be able to achieve our common goal.

Tolerance is being patient with others.

Laughter makes things better and the burdens lighter.

Stay light-hearted and more accepting of people’s differences.

People who are not tolerant are not deserving of respect.

Think before you speak or act; practice self-control and temperance.

Marriage teaches us to be tolerant.

Being in power tests our ability to be tolerant.

Being tolerant doesn’t just happen; it takes practice.

Laws by themselves can’t make people tolerant. It has to be cultivated.

If humans aren’t tolerant, the world we know will be destroyed.

Be careful of pride creeping in when you’re tolerant.

People come to peace for different reasons.

Forgiveness and tolerance are good things to give to others.

Be patient with those who are still learning.

Love is patience in action.

We can be better if we’re tolerant enough to listen and learn.

Active tolerance – not passive tolerance.

Of all these quotes about tolerance, this one on reframing tolerance stands out.

The person you like the least will teach you how to be tolerant.

Tolerance is a form of mental endurance and forbearance.

Tolerance brings people who don’t agree together.

You don’t need to give up your beliefs to be tolerant of that of others.

These quotes on tolerance are a reminder that we can choose to not agree with someone, yet we remain courteous and kind towards him. When differences arise, let us learn to rise above these differences and show compassion and tolerance instead. Hopefully, these quotes on tolerance have you thinking about how you will demonstrate some today.

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