26 Inspirational Ferris Wheel Quotes

Slow-moving, relaxing, and most certainly romantic, a trip to the funfair isn’t always about the thrill of the roller coaster. A slow relaxing round on a Ferris wheel with beautiful views of a town or countryside can be a perfect ride. Time passes slowly, giving you time to reflect and absorb your surroundings. Read on for our favorite, whimsical Ferris wheel quotes.

Once you overcome your fears, life becomes so fulfilling.

Nothing in life is certain, unlike a ride on a Ferris wheel.

A great play on the word, fair. You can’t compare life to a fairground.

This Ferris wheel quote inspires us to slow down and appreciate life.

Take that risk – it will be worth it when it pays off.

When you are faced with insurmountable difficulty, just grit your teeth through it.

Being at the top of the Ferris wheel is liberating.

This Ferris wheel quote encourages to press on – things eventually turn out for good.

Life is unpredictable, just hang on until the circumstances change.

Be flexible, be adventurous, try something different.

One of the most poignant quotes on Ferries wheels.

This Ferris wheel quote talks about breaking out of the routine of life.

Join the fair, travel, find yourself on top of the world.

Relish the up and downs in life.

When you are in a relationship make sure you also make time for other things.

A person’s love life will have its highs and lows, just like riding a Ferris wheel.

Ferris wheel quotes are so romantic. Is there anything more romantic than riding on them?

One feels excited and uncertain when trying to achieve the impossible.

Life is full of ups and downs.

There is no escaping the truth of this statement.

Savour a kiss with the one you love atop a Ferris wheel.

Find someone who you would want to spend your whole life with.

Just take life as it comes, whether good or bad.

Some people achieve what others say is impossible.

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut?

Grieving takes time. Give yourself time.

Wherever they touch on a relationship, your life, or your perspective on life, these Ferris wheel quotes tell us that we need to embrace change at some point. Because going round and round or playing it always safe is not always the best option. Ferris wheels can be magical – just don’t stay on one forever.

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