25 Zoo Quotes to Blow Your Mind

Zoos are much more than just homes for animals or revenue generators for local authorities, they are a representation of second chances. Zoos give second chances to animals with no home and keep humans happy by connecting us with the animals. To celebrate the role of zoos in the community, we have collected some of the best zoo quotes. These quotes about zoo will help you understand how important and dangerous zoos are to the animals.

A zoo is a place where you can go to escape this world.

Zoos play a part in protecting animals against extinction.

The zoo is a reflection of a caged animal with no freedom.

Just like zoos remove some parts of animals, prisons are cages for humanity.

The best time to go to the zoo is when there are not many people around.

Zoos are places that turn animals into creatures they want.

The world’s democracy is mirrored by the zoo – there is no freedom of expression.

It’s the animals that make up the zoo, not the people.

Something needs to be done with zoos that take the character out of animals.

There is so much fun one can have in a zoo.

We should fight for the rights of the animals at the zoos as our pets.

The warning signs at the zoo are a turn off for people.

We shouldn’t gain pleasure from tormented animals, we should give them pleasure.

The cry of caged animals is not worth getting fun from.

Liberation for zoo animals should be a top priority in saving the planet.

Zoos are intermediaries between humans and animals in the wild.

It’s up to the zoos to help the world protect extinct animals.

Every animal in the zoo seems happy, but weeps for freedom.

A zoo is a place where reality meets destiny.

The zoo takes part in an animal away in exchange for a home.

A zoo is a place of happiness and loss.

Zoos suck the freedom and life out of animals.

We owe the animals their right to freedom.

It’s humans’ responsibility to save animals from oppression.

Public education about zoos is important in fighting for animal freedom.

Aren’t the zoo quotes interesting? We hope you really enjoyed reading the zoo quotes. To help the zoos in their quest to help animals without homes, along with those on the danger of extinction, we have to commit ourselves to do what is expected of us. We should keep the environment clean, make donations, and all the other ideas that you think may help.

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