25 “Wish You Were Here” Quotes to Express Your Feelings for Your Loved Ones

Missing someone close to your heart is not unusual. To help you to express your feelings for your close ones when you’re missing them, we’ve gathered some ‘wish you were here’ quotes for you. By sharing these ‘wish you were with me’ quotes, you can make them feel loved and wanted.

Missing someone close is like missing a part of yourself.

You might wish her/him to be here instead of missing them.

The absence of someone close makes your soul cry.

Someone’s beautiful smile might make you miss her/him.

Feeling the absence of someone who understands you is painful.

Missing someone dear might keep you awake at night.

Passing the days without that someone special is quite tough.

The wish to be with the loved one is undeniable.

You’ll feel the absence of the missing friend on a tour.

Feeling the void of an entertaining person is sad.

The loved one’s absence makes you feel incomplete.

Missing someone close might make you feel demotivated.

Every heartbeat of yours wishes to be with your lover.

Wishing to get someone dear’s hug is irresistible.

A cheerful brother will always be missed.

The absence of a special person can never be fulfilled.

Celebrations will make you wish to be with your beloved.

Wishing to be with the one you like is reasonable.

A good TV show might make you miss someone.

The loved one’s presence is missed at every moment.

It’s memories that make you wish to be with your loved one.

Staying away from your love makes you miss her/him.

You’ll miss the physical presence of your dearest one.

Missing someone dear might make you downhearted.

It’s impossible to express the feeling of missing your loved one.

Words can never be enough to express the feeling of missing someone. But with these wish you were here quotes you can still try to express that in the best possible way. Sharing the right one of these I wish you were here quotes will surely lighten your spirits.

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