25 Ways to Articulate a Just Checking on You Text Message

When someone close to you is far away from you, you may feel a little uncomfortable and worried. Sending a just checking up on you text message can help you ease that feeling in a heartbeat. But, your message shouldn’t be boring and repetitive. That’s why we have collected these 25 just checking on you wordings below.

My heart stops functioning properly whenever you’re away.

Please don’t laugh at me, I am just checking on you.

I might be stuck at work, but my heart wants to be with you.

No amount of work can stop me from checking on you.

Please don’t keep me in the dark about how your day is going.

Please don’t get annoyed for checking on you, Mum.

It’s true that I am dying to see you, but don’t worry too much.

I couldn’t help but check on the missing piece of my puzzle.

I am just checking on you to say that you are always in my heart.

I promise to check on you at least three times a day.

I am checking on you because I can’t stop thinking about you.

Please let me know how life is going where you are.

I wish you an enjoyable afternoon and a good night.

I can’t wait for the day when we will be always together.

Just check in to say how much I love you.

It’s so nice to know that you have been thinking about me.

Let’s go out sometime and drink some beer.

How are you? Can I see what you are wearing today?

If I didn’t think about you at all times, I wouldn’t have checked on you.

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to wait for you.

The more time you stay away from me, the more I miss you.

May God take care of you when I am not around.

As you drown in work, know that I am thinking of you.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself amidst such a workload.

Doesn’t the fact that I am checking on you pacify your mind?

Receiving a little how are you message from a loved one can work wonders on the way you feel. It is also a great way to show someone that you have been thinking about them. You can also use some of these “just checking on you” wordings to respond to such messages.

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