25 Very Sad Tagalog Quotes for When You Feel That You Aren’t Good Enough

For all of us, there are times when we feel we aren’t good enough. As some very sad Tagalog quotes show, these feelings can come from personal ambition or from somebody else’s never-ending expectations. Whatever the reason, expressing how you feel with these quotes about not being good enough may help you feel a little bit better.

It’s very depressing when you do your best and it still isn’t good enough.

Don’t keep doing the things that aren’t worth it.

It’s often small-minded people who make others feel bad about themselves.

Sometimes you have to give up on things you aren’t confident about.

Never listen to people who make you feel bad about yourself.

Lack of self-confidence makes us fearful and ashamed.

The more you listen to what others think, the more you lose your confidence.

When we stop feeling like we’re enough, we lose our true selves.

When you feel like you aren’t good enough, just keep practicing.

No one has to be good at everything.

It can be difficult to express your feelings clearly.

To educate each other, we must consider everyone good enough to learn.

Feeling like you aren’t good enough can be a powerful motivator.

If you believe you aren’t good enough, others may start to believe it, too.

Insecurities can invade your every thought.

Don’t settle for the things that are just better than nothing.

For some, feeling like they’re not good enough is a lifelong struggle.

It can be difficult to be content with doing the best you can.

Not being good enough is fear so many share.

If you want to be an artist, never settle for just good enough.

Some self-driven people are never satisfied with what they have.

To achieve excellence, even good isn’t good enough.

Even the most negative thoughts can be changed if you try.

The entertainment industry can destroy people’s self-confidence.

When somebody leaves you, you may think it was because you weren’t good enough.

As you may have noticed, not all very sad Tagalog quotes on our list are about feeling miserable about yourself. Some of them are really inspiring and may help you find a way through your moments of darkness. Read these quotes when you’re feeling down about yourself and you will soon start to feel better.

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