25 Upset Quotes that Will Inspire You to Relinquish Negative Feelings

When we are upset, we give up control over ourselves and our emotions. Negative emotions jeopardize our physical, mental, and emotional health. We hope these upset quotes will inspire you to embrace joy and happiness under all circumstances.

Here is our selection of feeling upset quotes.

Philosophy incites us to question everything and remain curious.

Upset emotion deprives us of rational thinking.

We often worry so much about insignificant things, forgetting our purpose.

We many times exaggerate triggers for upset.

It’s easier to smile than explain why one is upset.

Crying is an expression of upset emotion.

Stay calm and make decisions rationally, with peace of mind.

Music can be an antidote to upset people.

Live life on your own terms.

Don’t allow someone else to have power over your mood.

All women love compliments.

Don’t let others affect your mood easily.

Be grateful for what you have.

Be responsible for your emotions.

Don’t allow small and insignificant things to upset you.

We are partially responsible for our foul moods.

When you’re sure of yourself and your goals, things won’t upset you.

Learn from what upsets you.

No matter how well we plan, we are prone to error.

Don’t expect too much from others.

Always try to make yourself happy.

Feeling upset about things is a complete waste of time and energy.

There are always things more important than being upset.

Situations only control you when you react to them.

Don’t allow unhappy people to take your peace of mind away.

These upset quotes show us how detrimental and destructive negative emotions can be to our lives. Every time you find yourself starting to feel upset about something, remember to consciously choose joy, love, and happiness instead.

We hope you liked our collection of feeling upset quotes.

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