25 Top Good Man Quotes

Nowadays, finding a good man is like finding treasure. Once you get a hold of such a man, never let him go because you will never be able to replace him. If you are not sure what a good man is, read the following man quotes. These “good man” quotes take a look from all angles at what it really means to be a good man.

A true good man is a man who puts his family first.

A good man always knows what to do next.

A good man is one who lets a woman spread her wings.

Be a good man. Don’t just talk about it.

A good man attracts only goodness in his life.

Education is the foundation of a good man.

Good men focus only on the big picture.

A good man is even known by his laugh.

A good man always dies as a good man.

A good man is willing to sacrifice it all.

For good men, the concept of beauty has a deeper meaning.

A good man doesn’t see others in terms of potential profit.

Nothing defeats the spirit of a good man.

A good man will always lend a helping hand.

A good man knows his responsibilities and abides by them.

A good man is not good because of his status, but because of his character.

In good times and in bad, seek out the company of good men.

A real good man is always seeking more goodness. .

The conscience of a good man never sleeps.

A good man is a perfect mix of strength and gentleness.

The heart of a good man reflects purity and honesty.

A man is a good man because of his true soul.

A good man is never the reason for a woman’s tears.

A good man strives to be a better man.

Wisdom and knowledge are the joy of a good man.

The above “good man” quotes are just a few examples that illustrate what a truly good man and his standards are about. Why not choose one of them to send to someone you think deserves the title of “good man”?

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