25 Thug Life Quotes to Bring Out the Inner Savage in You

Yo, fellas! How’s it going?

Today, I bring you all a collection of some of the best 25 thug quotes out there.

Be sure not just to read them but at the same time feel the lyrics jazz inside your soul, because that’s how you’ll know what a real thug’s life is like.

No one decides their life; it is predestined.

A bad life can sometimes begin in the most sacred way.

Sometimes God gives you signs of your purpose in life.

Love is everywhere. Thug life also needs company.

Thug life is being strong.

Male or female doesn’t matter. Swag is for all!

Even a thug doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of their kids.

A thug isn’t ashamed of his origins.

It doesn’t matter what you wear.

Thug boys and good girls are a great combination.

Often times people are blinded by misconceptions about a person.

Never compare yourself with others, for it is a deadly disease.

Stereotyping black people is just absurd.

Everyone has a threshold beyond which they are thug and invincible.

Thugs live up to their lifestyle.

Don’t dare to mess with a thug.

Deep down, a thug always fears God.

The thug is the underdog who is sure to rise.

The words “rest” and “sleep” aren’t in a thug’s vocabulary.

No one is obliged to act according to their typical culture.

Thug life is intoxicating.

Even thugs have emotions.

Once a thug, always a thug.

Thug life is not following the rules.

It’s all about balancing bits of every characteristic that makes a man perfect.

Aight now, fellas, that’s all of the 25 thug life quotes we have to offer. Hope these thug captions made you damn confident for your future endeavors.

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