25 Sweet and Loving Good Night Message for Him Long Distance

When your beloved is far away from you, it’s obvious that you would miss him. As expressed in these good night messages for him long distance, you become loneliest when night falls. With the collection of quotes below, you can at least send a nice good night message to your long-distance boyfriend.

As night falls, I start missing you even more.

Distance is the best test of the strength of relationships.

I can’t wait to open the door and see your handsome face.

In my mind, I still get to hear your comforting voice.

No matter how far away you are, you are still close to my heart.

I hope you think of me as you fall asleep.

Since you’re far away, I’ve settled for seeing you in my daydreams.

I can’t wait for you to come back and cuddle me in my sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about you even when you’re far away.

I can’t think of going to sleep without telling you good night.

No amount of distance can weaken our overwhelming love for each other.

Just like moonlight, you keep my life bright even in my darkest hours.

Without a warm embrace from you, my nights are very cold.

At least we’re both sleeping under the same stars.

It will be awesome when I wake up and find you by my side again.

I miss everything about you, especially when you are far away.

It pains me to not be with you and show you my love.

Don’t forget to meet me in your dreams while we’re apart.

You won’t believe how crazy I feel when you’re not beside me.

At least in our hearts, we’re never apart from each other.

Being so far away from you is a deeply bittersweet experience.

Isn’t it awesome to look at the same moon?

Every moment we’re apart, I miss you dearly.

Having to deal with so much distance between us seems so unfair.

If I were there with you, I could sing you to sleep.

If you miss your beloved at night, don’t hesitate to express your feeling. Use the above examples to tell him how you feel in a good night message for him long distance. You can also easily translate them to turn them into good night message for him long distance Tagalog or any other languages.

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