25 Stupid Quotes That Will Start You Thinking

It might sound ridiculous, but using stupid quotes can be quite helpful to people who behave stupidly. Quotes can inspire you any time you are down by making you feel that you can make it despite the challenges. Stupid inspirational quotes serve the same purpose, but in a different way: they make you feel that you are capable of doing better than you are doing at the moment.

Here is a list of 25 quotes about being stupid that will challenge you to improve. They will help you to feel that you are privileged and able to do wonders.

Intelligence always tops stupidity.

Arguing with a fool makes you foolish.

Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid.

Know when to seek advice.

Silence is golden.

Being stupid takes a special kind of talent.

We’ve all been there.

Conflicts are unavoidable but it is important to develop ways of living in peace.

Schools don’t necessarily cure stupidity.

People pay for their stupidity.

You can be nice but not too bright.

Stupid questions need no answer.

Only stupid people blame nature and other people for their own mistakes.

A never-ending conflict.

Some people’s stupidity is useful.

Other people’s stupidity can make us feel better.

These are only two states.

Bad things can happen as a result of good intentions.

People often triumph through their own stupidity.

Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Stupidity has no limits.

Losing your temper only demonstrates your stupidity.

Stupidity is good for your mental health.

Now that’s a scary thought!

Being honestly stupid is not a crime, but pretending to be is.

Quotes on stupidity help us to think and act in a better way by resisting the urge to be stupid. Being familiar with these inspirational quotes will help you to understand people and respond correctly in an argument with someone who demonstrates their stupidity. Choose a stupid caption that best fits the situation and use it as a way of expressing yourself wisely.

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