25 Small Quotes to Redefine Your Ideas About the Little Things

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The things and gestures that seem small at first glance may not be so small, and some of the best quotes about small things testify to that. It’s important that we celebrate the little things. This collection of 25 small quotes is certainly a good place to start.

Great things are the product of many small things put together.

Even the smallest kind gesture can be very helpful.

Be careful about taking things – however small – for granted.

Truth is just as important in small matters as it is in big ones.

All of our strength comes from the small things in life.

It is through small steps that you can achieve your ultimate goal.

Success comes from doing small but necessary things to reach your goal.

It’s often the small courtesies that leave the biggest impressions.

The best way to approach a difficult job is to divide it into small parts.

Even the smallest actions can lead to change.

You will be most successful when you pay attention to the little things.

If you let small things bother you, you reveal yourself as small-minded.

Small things are capable of causing great change.

True happiness lies in small things.

Even small secrets can destroy a relationship.

Start by doing the small things well, and you’ll realize how important they really are.

Right and wrong matter regardless of how small a misdeed might be.

Start by doing one small thing properly, and you’ll be on the road to success.

Big things are often only considered big because we pay more attention to them.

It’s not big things but many small things that can save the world.

You may not realize how important a small thing is to you at first.

In the big picture, we play a very small part.

Doing small things that need to be done is the key to coming out ahead.

Just do the small things, and the rest will take care of itself.

When you do small tasks with a plan in mind, you can achieve amazing goals.

Just like tiny drops of water can fill large containers to the brim, the small things in our lives combine to make up bigger things. Each small quote in our collection is a reminder about that very important life lesson. So, read these small quotes very carefully and implement them in your own life. Only then can you be successful.

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