25 Selfish People Quotes That Expose the Ugly Truth About Such People

Selfishness is a personality trait that is inherent in all of us. However, it is still a characteristic liked by none, and these 25 “selfish people” quotes are a testament to that. By reading quotes about selfish people, you can inspire yourself to remain or get back into the ways of compassion and sharing.

Imposing your personal interests on others is what’s called selfishness.

Selfishness is often caused by a lack of richness in the heart.

We all have a little bit of selfishness in us.

Although we all have it, selfishness is deplorable.

Selfishness is something we should rise above to be human.

Sometimes, you can trace selfishness in your honest conscience.

Selfishness deprives us of the ability to look at things clearly.

Selfish people cannot know what it means to love.

Living selfishly is the meanest act of a human being.

It is selfishness that causes sin on earth.

No selfish experiment can ever achieve its expected aims.

The wisdom that only seeks selfish gains is not wisdom.

Selfish is an innate characteristic of the human species.

Generosity is the antidote to our natural selfishness.

Selfish people are the most foolish and cause unhappiness.

Real glory can’t be built on selfishness.

Many pure ideas get ruined by selfish needs.

Forgiveness is the best way to deal with selfish people.

Often, the most selfish are those you helped the most.

True happiness can never be achieved with selfish motives.

Sacrifice, not selfishness, is what fuels great achievements.

Selfishness can also sometimes be required.

It’s rare for the circumstances to suit selfish people.

If everybody was selfish, there wouldn’t be any world.

Unfortunately, selfishness dominates the modern world.

Most of these “selfish people” quotes emphasize how negative this kind of behavior is. Yet, sometimes, putting self-interest ahead of everyone else is a good thing. So, equip yourself with these “selfish people” quotes to better differentiate between selfishness and watching your own back.

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