25 Safety Quotes Which Will Save You from Future Regrets

We are always concerned about the safety of our loved ones. Planning for a better future or living in the best present can only be ensured when we can ensure safety. Safety quotes cannot provide you protection, but these 25 quotes about safety will surely make you rethink its importance.

Safety cannot be maintained without understanding it.

Boldness provides you the safety you need.

It is an accident which is expensive, not safety.

The first purpose of the law is to ensure safety.

The best remedy is prevention.

Every nation seeks safety at an affordable price.

A father can understand the importance of safety.

Safety begins with taking lessons from the past.

Ignorance is what blocks safety.

Safety is a matter of common sense.

You need to be independent where safety is concerned.

Safety is no laughing matter.

Your plans for the future lie in today’s safety plan.

Tight office management offers safety to its employees.

The idea of safety changes with circumstances.

It is a basic goal of life, to be in safety.

Providing public safety is the first duty of the government.

Don’t leave safety to chance.

Safety at work is what gets you home at the end of the day.

Safety contains many different meanings.

You are so important in defense of safety.

We should guarantee safety for the future of our children.

Danger and safety are like twins.

Safety is our best guarantee that no one gets hurt.

The police try to remind us of our own safety.

It is one thing to read a safety quote and believe that we understand it. But it’s only when you think about a close friend or family member that you realize its true importance. So just don’t read and share these safety quotes; start practicing them in real life.

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