25 Sacrifice Quotes That Will Make You Reflect More on Life

There is a good reason why all holy texts such as the Bible, Koran, and the Tripitaka, all contain numerous references on the topic of sacrifice. We all make sacrifices, sometimes willingly and with joy but sometimes with regret and bitterness. These quotes about sacrifice have been carefully selected for you to reflect on your current life.

Wishing for something is not good enough; you need to be willing to sacrifice to make your dream come true.

The ultimate sacrifice is to give your life in order to save others.

For true love, you often have to give something up, but it is worth it.

We have to make the planet safe for our children. That involves making sacrifices now.

We will never eradicate injustice and suffering if we are not willing to make sacrifices.

Nothing in life is totally free. In order to get something you really want, you need to sacrifice something.

A sacrifice should be made freely and without regret.

Sacrifices are not always noble, especially if you sacrifice just to satisfy your own selfish desires.

Sometimes, you cannot take a step up the ladder without sacrificing.

The more ambitious you are, the more you will have to sacrifice.

Sacrifices should be made joyfully because they result in personal growth and inner peace.

Sacrificing something that will be of great benefit to others has always been the defining characteristic of great leaders.

A sacrifice should never destroy who you are.

Tremendous rewards often require tremendous sacrifices.

Sacrifices are not always losses; very often they result in great returns.

You cannot achieve real success unless you are willing to sacrifice the comfort of the here and now.

Sacrificing to ensure the well-being of another is a true sign of love.

Sometimes sacrifices are not selfless, but rather selfish.

We should be grateful for the sacrifices others make for us and sacrifice for others in turn.

Truly great leaders make truly great sacrifices.

Sacrifices sometimes cost dearly but they must be made for the greater good of mankind.

Sacrificing for the right reasons is not painful; it is a privilege.

Sacrifices should not be limited to those you love.

It is important to accept the fact that sacrifices are integral to life itself.

You will never experience true love if you are not willing to make sacrifices.

These quotes on sacrifice show us that sacrifices are just a part of life; they may hurt at first, but they will be beneficial in the end. After all, if you are in a position to sacrifice something, then you have the ability to change the lives of others. That makes sacrificing a privilege, not a burden.

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