25 Quotes on Secret Love for the Person You Admire

We all have been in love with someone special, to whom we cannot reveal our feelings. It is because we are a bit shy or are afraid to lose that person forever. But, whenever you are in love with someone secretly, it is impossible to deny it, even to yourself. Therefore, some of us try to write down our feelings for that special person in the form of poems or secret love quotes. Here are 25 secret love quotes for you…

Secret love is worth fighting for.

Always keep your love life private because it won’t be the same public.

Not being able to tell your crush how you feel is the worst feeling ever.

It is very painful for anyone to love someone and keep those feelings inside.

There is nothing more priceless than a secret love story.

Be secretly in love with someone, knowing it is the best kind of love.

Secret love is that you never know who the other person has in his heart.

Secret love has a whole different level of an enigma in it.

Secret love will make your mind wander and bring you back to that person.

Whenever you are around your secret love, you’ll have butterflies in your stomach.

Secret love makes you expect a lot from the person, which never happens.

To secretly love someone is a punishment with sweet side effects.

Secret love may not be known, but at least it will last forever.

Love happens only when you open up your emotions to someone.

The priceless feeling of secret love is a thing you never share with anybody.

Secret love loses taste when you don’t get what you deserve in return.

You can only love any other person if you are ready to accept the way they are.

Caring for someone without any judgment is the true definition of love.

Love can be grown over time without restrictions.

To love someone is to contradict the fact that something has a limit.

Secret love is a mystery for those who haven’t been in it.

Tell someone you love them or it will lead to worse than a broken heart.

Everyone’s life is complete if it has love in it.

The feeling of a secret love is felt by everyone, but said by few.

Secret admiration for someone special can be easily seen in one’s eyes.

The above mentioned hidden love quotes show that love is beyond limits and expectations. If you are in love, nothing means more to you than that special person. These silent love quotes are the best way to describe your love for someone.

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