25 Quotes on Nationalism to Better Understand This Idea

Nationalism is a socio-political phenomenon that brings all of us together in the nation’s interest. Although not all the quotes on nationalism sing its praise, let’s try to weed out the negativity and focus on the positives. So, let’s get reading the nationalism quotes below.

Nationalism has both pros and cons.

Nationalism forces institutions to care about the less privileged.

Nationalism is an idea that needs to evolve over time.

Religion and nationalism are quite similar in the way they shape history.

Nationalism is good when it focuses on the betterment of the masses.

Nationalism often drives prosperity and radical change in human evolution.

No nation can progress without ideologies of nationalism.

Sometimes, countries are built on the platform of nationalism.

Be mindful of separating nationalism from hatred of others.

Nationalism at its extreme can be inhuman.

We must learn from the bad implementation of nationalism in the past.

At the end of the day, nationalism is just perception.

Nationalism is often seen as the bad effect of patriotism.

Black nationalism wants to ensure they are led by themselves.

To some, nationalism is a tool to justify wars.

Blind nationalism doesn’t benefit anybody.

Nationalism is a more enduring idea than democracy or anything else.

Nationalism needs to be aligned with internationalism.

Nationalism often grows out of a desire to be dominant.

To be a nationalist, you have to believe in nationalism.

This is a time when nationalism is merging with internationalism.

Nationalism can be fulfilling for people craving self-respect.

Many creatives don’t want to be confined by nationalism.

Genocides are often caused by fanatic nationalism.

When nationalism replaces Godly matters in wars, it’s much more dangerous.

While many of these quotes about nationalism try to point out the flaws, there are also some that show how nationalism can be used for the good of people. However, just like religion, it’s the people who make an idea like nationalism go bad. So, take these quotes on nationalism to heart and learn to get better.

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