25 Quotes About Tears That Will Melt Your Heart

Everyone cries, even if they don’t want to admit it. Crying occurs because of intense emotion, whether it be joy, sorrow, love, or pain.

There are many tears quotes to be found because everyone at some stage feels this emotion. This is a universal human experience, regardless of age, income, or gender. Everyone sheds a tear from time to time.

Because we all cry, quotes on tears tend to pull on our heartstrings. Tears can symbolize many things, depending on the situation and each individual’s perspective. These tear quotes will make your heart melt.

Crying when you are happy feels bright and carefree.

Emotions are what bring about crying spells.

Crying is cathartic and keeps emotions from being bottled up.

Tears make no sounds, but everyone knows when someone is crying from sadness.

Crying can bring about new perspectives.

Crying can benefit the soul and mind.

Crying is a way to clean away thoughts and emotions that bother us.

Intense emotions from crying can bring about passion.

Tears go away, but the feelings that brought them out, tend to stay for a long time.

People we care about can affect our emotions more than others.

We miss the events that made us happy in the past.

People tend to care more about themselves than others.

Crying lets out heavy emotions than can burden us.

Crying too much, for too long, can keep people from recovering from what originally hurt them.

Keep trying and you will not feel defeat.

People often feel bad about all the things they could have done right.

The inability to cry means you can’t feel true happiness, either.

We have to move on from loss and sadness.

Crying is a natural human trait that doesn’t need to be hidden.

Objects that are very beautiful often cause strong emotions in people.

People share their emotions with others by showing a smile or tears.

Make pain and adversity the foundation for a bright future.

A life lived to the fullest, consists of big emotions.

Sadness is a necessary part of growth.

Sad moments shared with others creates a bond.

Shedding tears shows that people can feel emotions fully and are able to show their vulnerability. Tears are nothing to be ashamed of. They can lead to good moments such as a feeling of renewal and growth. Hopefully, these tears quotes have provided some insight into how important crying is for everyone.

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