25 Quotes About Lazy People We’re All Guilty Of

Whether you’re someone who’s lazy all the time, or someone who’s lazy every now and then, it’s an epidemic we’ll all be faulty of at some point in our lives. While we all understand the disadvantages of laziness, nothing sums it up better than a lazy quote from some of the wisest people.

If you’re having a lazy day today, share one of the lazy quotes below on your social media timeline for all your friends. Maybe they’re having a lazy day too!

Some people have no tolerance for lazy people, with a good reason.

It doesn’t matter how much you help a lazy person, they’ll just want more.

When you think about it, our entire society was built off lazy people.

Those that aren’t lazy always get an early start.

Some people will do anything to avoid work.

When things aren’t going right for lazy people, they bring everyone else down with them.

There’s a reason lazy people usually end up with nothing.

Lazy people love results, but hate what it takes to get it.

You’ll never maximize your results if you practice being lazy over hard work.

People that are always busy are just as available as lazy people.

Lazy people are good for one thing – finding easy ways to do difficult things.

When you have a task at hand, don’t procrastinate or leave it to someone else.

Laziness is one of the driving forces behind innovation.

Being lazy is being selfish to the ones that don’t get that opportunity.

There’s nothing better than a night spent by yourself doing nothing!

Laziness can be a gift given, or a curse received.

You can continue being lazy, but not everyone will respect you for it.

Be careful, you might be waiting around forever!

Being lazy is fun, but it won’t lead to long-term happiness.

Don’t let your laziness take the quality out of your life.

If you want to succeed in this world, you need to learn to not be lazy.

If you’re constantly lazy, chances are you don’t get inspired often.

Lazy people live in the world of tomorrow, not today.

Being lazy is much more common than we realize.

Don’t be scared to get up and go do something!

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re enjoying a relaxing day. At the same time, you should start to take action against your laziness if it becomes a habit.

When you find yourself falling into this bad habit, memorize a few of your favorite lazy quotes from the above and play it back in your head to keep you motivated. Productivity is right around the corner!

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