25 Quotes About Jealousy to Help You Grow

Jealousy is a human emotion that shows up when we are faced with the risk of losing something or someone we cherish. However, like a weed, if it is not rooted out, the result could be disastrous on us and others around us.

Jealousy distorts the mind, pauses common sense and causes unimaginable grief. In short, it is often referred to as the one-eyed monster, because of its deadly sting and venom that quickly saturates the mind. In this article, I have chosen some quotes about Jealousy, to help you see the evil in it.

You see, in life, we will all get jealous at one point or another. What matters most is how we are able to manage this emotion. Our reaction at such a time, lets us know if we are possessed by this brutal emotion or if we can rise above it.

Below are some Jealousy quotes to help you live above and beyond this destructive emotion.

Jealousy won’t help you go any further in your life.

Jealousy causes you to make irrational statements and do stupid things.

Giving jealousy a room is like jumping in front of a moving vehicle.

What do you do when you are sick? Take antibiotics.

Being jealous robs you from seeing your unique potential.

Everything you need is locked inside of you.

We give ourselves unnecessary troubles by being jealous.

Jealousy is just the beginning, greed is the end.

Evil abounds wherever jealousy is found.

What you gain by being jealous is actually nothing.

Jealousy is just an emotion but have you seen the diagnosis.

Jealousy is the kind of emotion you need to get rid of before it takes you.

We don’t know what we have until we lose it.

Jealousy is natural but an unnecessary emotion.

People get sick all the time, I think they need to get tested.

You need to develop personal confidence in yourself.

When you are jealous, you miss out on productive relationships.

Most times we build walls where we only need a bridge.

When you want your relationship to go sour, add a little jealousy.

Why let negative emotions manipulate you?

Love has been found to be a cure for jealousy.

We often say love is blind, but have you seen hate.

Just appreciate the finer things in life.

Always be content with your progress in life

Spend your time on things with long-lasting benefits and importance.

From the foregoing, it is certain that jealousy is common to all humans but must not be permitted to stay. It is my hope that the jealousy quotes given here in this article, will help you in reconstructing your mind so that you are able to overcome any shred of jealousy that exists in your life.

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