25 Quotes About Generations

Generation is an idea that usually divides people into 30-year periods and generalizes their behavior. There are a lot of quotes about generations that try to explain the behavior of those who were born and raised in different generations. So, let’s find the list below.

Every generation considers themselves the best.

Many past generations are watching us over from the graves.

The prejudices of a generation are often considered to be healthy.

Millennials are the most liberal to date.

While the younger generation is stronger, the older generation is wiser.

The definition of childhood changes in every generation.

The 90s generation is blessed to experience no major wars or depressions.

In the process of growing up, millennials diminished the age barriers.

Every generation hopes to grow up and lead a full life.

It’s amazing how millennials are thinking deeply about reshaping the world.

Millennials understand the value of experiences.

There is always friction with the generation of forefathers.

The way we tell stories is more standardized as the generation changes.

With the change in generation, the absurdity becomes wisdom.

Every generation needs to find their own sources of knowledge.

The legacy of a generation is built upon how it influences the next.

Writers always explore the difference between different generations.

Always try to learn from the past generation and teach the next.

Any effective future plan needs to consider the generational effect.

The 90s and Millennial generations believe in technological collaboration.

Millennials are questioning societies without knowing the solutions.

Satisfying millennials isn’t easy as they seek substantial improvements.

No generation can fix all of their problems.

The 90s generation wants to get things done their own way.

As a generation changes, so do history.

As the above quotes about generations point out, every generation has its own taste, own perception, and own destination to reach. And Some of our quotes about the 90s generation also appreciate the impact the millennials are making with their passion and drive for change.

We hope these quotes about generations can give something to you.

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