25 Quotes About Clouds That Will Blow Your Mind

Science defines a cloud as an invisible mass of ice particles or water droplets suspended in the sky. However, many of us know the metaphorical significance of clouds based on our perceptions and beliefs. Some of us look at clouds and see hope for a better tomorrow; others see suffering and destruction. There is more to clouds than making the sunsets more beautiful and somehow proving the presence of divinity. These cloud quotes will blow your mind and inspire you.

Clouds do not always herald destruction, but may be a source of hope for new life.

Clouds have a certain beauty that can bring us peace of mind.

Clouds represent a kind of security only loved ones can provide us with.

Let your love chase away the clouds and give hope for tomorrow.

Just as the clouds make way for the sun to shine, your problems will pass.

Dream as we may, we should always aim to shoot above the clouds.

No obstacles should prevent you from achieving.

Believe that the sun is still shining brightly, even though it may be hidden.

We should be there for friends who need cheering up.

Always live like a cloud and carry no burden.

Don’t look for the silver lining. Just learn to walk above the clouds.

The imagination is set free in our dreams.

Lonely as the clouds look, they have a purpose and so should you.

No wonder how yesterday was, each day is a new beginning.

Life will hit you hard, but it still needs to go on.

Always aim to shoot as high as the stars.

We should always be aware of the power of nature around us.

Even with all the beauties of the world, times will always pass and change.

The crooked roads always lead to the world’s greatest destinations.

Just as we mistake the meaning of the clouds, so we may do with our lives.

Always seek what you can achieve.

We should always be inspired to fight for what we believe in.

There will always be a way to get through dark times.

The true potential inside you is seen when you are able to overcome your dark fears.

No matter how bright your star shines, there will always be obstacles.

As you can see from the above quotes about clouds, there is more to them than meets the eye. Clouds have been used since the beginning of time to express thoughts on different aspects of life in the form of poems, quotes, and proverbs. These cloud quotes will give you an overview of the power the clouds hold over our thoughts, and the next time you take a walk on a cloudy day in winter, you will be the world’s happiest soul.

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