25 Quotes About A Crown For When We Feel Special

A crown is a powerful symbol of victory, triumph, success, glory, and honor. When we think of a crown, we imagine an unstoppable feeling of accomplishment in our lives – it’s the ultimate outcome for anyone.

When we want to metaphorically “crown ourselves,” it’s something we want to share with all of our closest friends and family. Achieving success is an awesome feeling, and you can help put those emotions into words with crown quotes spoken by some of the best.

When luck is on your side, you take the chance every time.

Don’t be afraid of success, it’s a beautiful thing.

When you put on that crown, you must uplift everyone around you.

It doesn’t matter how you wear it, but wear it proudly.

Where there’s a crown, know that God is watching.

The crown won’t always tell the whole story.

The ultimate sign of victory is a crown.

Find a common ground, and you will find your crown.

We all hold a piece of the crown within ourselves.

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with wearing a crown.

Effort can get you far, but it won’t always get you the crown.

Be yourself and do that which makes you happy.

Crowns are a symbol of power and can be used as such.

Crowns aren’t one-size-fits all; you have to find the one that fits you.

Don’t let the crown overcome you, let it enhance you.

As symbolic as they are, crowns don’t do much to protect the head.

When standing up for what you believe in, give 110%.

In order to place that crown on your head, you have to be ready for all that comes with it.

Sometimes winning is enough; you don’t need the extra recognition.

You have to know the value of a crown.

Your crown is contagious, so let it spread!

We all want to be crowned king of something.

We must learn to obey those who deserve our obedience.

Everyone has their own version of a crown.

Poetry brings out the elegance in any situation.

We all want to know what it’s like to wear a crown. It can set us apart from the rest and give us a sense of power. These quotes about crown and accomplishment are sure to detail why this simple accessory is so widely sought after.

Next time you go to comment on someone’s status with the crown emoji, replace it with one of your favorite crown quotes from above. Wear your metaphorical crown and then gift it to someone else that finds success in their life.

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