25+ Most Inspiring Islamic Quotes

Islamic quotes have been featured in literature, shared on social media, and spread via word of mouth for thousands of years. Some are very well-known, while others have slipped through the cracks despite how powerful they are.
There are plenty of quotes to choose from, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite muslim quotes.

When a person is faced with obstacles, it’s an opportunity for him to grow.

If you’re struggling to find acceptance, remember that Allah will always accept your love.

In the eyes of God, we are all connected and must pray as one.

You must make changes in your own life before God’s power can fully reach you.

If you are feeling guilty, it’s a sign from above.

No matter how hard it becomes to pray, you should keep trying.

Truly caring for others is putting them first when they need help.

Patience can be difficult, but always trust the words of Allah.

The only way to ensure answers to your prayers is to show love to Allah at all times.

God has his own way of bringing us to him when we need him most.

If you can’t forgive others, don’t expect forgiveness for yourself.

He is always watching and listening. He knows all.

Greed can bring you wealth, but money doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Good manners are just as important as daily prayer.

Practice what you preach, and those around you will quickly learn your ways.

There’s beauty in the world, whether you see it or not.

Listen to what people say, for their words will show you who they are.

Treasure the moments you share with loved ones, as they may be your last.

Social status, genetics, and wealth hold no weight in the eyes of Allah.

Becoming a better Muslim takes practice, and each day is another opportunity.

Envy can cause distress in your life and take away the very thing you desire.

True beauty comes from kindness, not from looks.

Though shooting stars are rare, your wishes can still be granted.

It’s an honor to be a Muslim and follow Allah; be grateful he chose you.

Kindness is a dish best shared with everyone.

Islamic quotes spread wisdom about the world we live in. They help to teach us what matters in life. If you’re ever feeling unmotivated or bored, or if you’re searching for meaning, listen to what some people in the Islamic religion are saying. They are now and have always been an intellectual group of people.

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