25 Island Quotes We Think About Every Day

There’s nothing better than enjoying your day out on an island with nothing but water surrounding you. The sound of the waves, the noises the wildlife make, and the feeling of being in an open area can make you feel at peace with the world.

Whether you’re vacationing or living on an island, you’ll come across a variety of different island life quotes that can put you in the mood immediately. You can even use an island quote to describe certain emotions, like being lonely. We’ve assembled a list of our 25 favorite quotes about islands; which ones do you relate to most?

It doesn’t matter what island it is, as long as it’s an island.

This life is bigger than any of us realize, so we must band together as one.

The only thing left to do is to enjoy it and then go back.

When life gets to be too much, all you need is a week on an island.

Islands are great, but you’ll eventually need a way off!

Everyone can find peace on an island in some way.

If you want to connect with your loved on a deep level, go to an island.

Where you see an island of nothing, I see an island of opportunity.

Don’t expect to live the same way on an island as in a city.

If you build an island, make sure to protect it from flooding.

There’s no better place to meet new people than on an island!

Just like hearts, an island is often left alone until someone special comes along.

An island can turn anything into a more beautiful version of itself.

Don’t you wish we could be free of all the negativity?

When others make fun of us, it makes us feel like we’re on a lonely island.

We will only truly appreciate an island if we have a means of getting off.

When all you see is differences, remember we all have something in common.

When on an island, you survive by any means necessary.

We all have more in common than we think, we just have to realize it.

It’s hard not to crack a smile when you see water surrounding you.

In order to obtain knowledge, you have to be willing to seek it.

Never give up when life gets rough, you just need to find some land.

If it weren’t for islands, our oceans would be nothing but water.

We might feel all alone, but there’s always someone out there.

Build your island of knowledge as large as possible and never stop.

When’s the last time you thought about getting away for a little while and enjoying life on an island? Let’s be honest, we think about it every day! If these island quotes don’t get you excited for your next trip, then I don’t know what will.

To help share your wishes so others can relate with you, upload your favorite island quote on social media the next time you feel the temptations coming. Your next trip could be closer than you think!

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