25 Insults Quotes to Help You Be a Better Version of Yourself

An insult is an expression that is used to pass a disparaging message to another person. While it may be a socially inappropriate move to insult someone, it can be the best way to make a point to someone who is criticizing your ability. Smart insults use sarcasm and symbolism to express an idea or opinion. However, it’s better not to get physical or use abusive language when using insults. We have collected some funny and hilarious insults quotes for you. These quotes on insults will help you win your next argument.

Verbal abuse is futile.

Never insult anyone, even in jest.

The inventor of insults was the pioneer of civilization.

The best way to counter injustice is by standing up against it.

Everyone is useful for something.

There is no good idiot; it’s just an idiot.

Always put on a smile when life punches you.

Stupidity is a known trait within oneself.

Don’t display qualities that will make you look useless.

Stupid questions call for sarcastic answers.

Everyone fondly imagines they have a wonderful sense of humor.

Never make people think you are useless.

Being called a human is a greater insult than being called an animal.

Sometimes insanity is all it takes to create a lively city.

Never insult a country struggling to be part of something great.

An insincere apology just adds insult to injury.

No one has the authority to judge others.

What makes insults funny is not meaning what you say.

Some people are annoying.

Smart insults are always indirect.

Don’t make an effort to make yourself look stupid.

It’s never worthwhile taking offense.

I can’t imagine a world without insults.

It’s insulting to call wrestling a show.

The brain is too smart to accept cheap insults.

Were the quotes on insults we listed for you helpful? We hope that the insult quotes helped you outsmart your opponent with an appropriate response. Share the insulting quotes to your friends, so that they can also have good ideas on insulting people without resorting to violence.

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