25 Inspirational Constitution Quotes to Ignite Your Patriotism

The constitution is an integral part of the running of any government today, for it dictates the political, financial, and other aspects of the nation. Following the constitution is every citizen’s responsibility. To help you spark the spirit of living by the constitution among citizens of all countries all over the world, we have collected the best quotes about the constitution. Some are the constitution of India quotes by the famous architect Ambedkar Jayanti, and other founding fathers such as George Washington.

We hope these quotes on the constitution of India and others inspire you to live by the laws of the state you live in.

Protecting the constitution is the obligation of congress and the law.

The effectiveness of the constitution is dependent on the citizens.

The constitution must never be manipulated.

It’s the responsibility of the judiciary to ensure that the constitution is upheld.

The constitution is a collection of knowledge accumulated from many years of nationhood.

A constitution is worthless if it’s defied.

The constitution works both ways.

Nothing can hold the constitution back, but you can direct where it goes.

Have faith in the constitution, the law, and God.

The courage that rises from what we believe in is what matters.

The constitution is the operating system by which every nation governs its people.

Happiness is born of individual struggle.

Every president has an obligation to lead according to the constitution.

The constitution is more powerful than the government.

The constitution allows politicians some room for maneuver.

The constitution should be protected by every citizen in the state.

No one has ever been more powerful than the constitution in any state.

The constitution is more important than the flag.

Privacy is your constitutional right. Claim it.

Every citizen can make a nation better by adhering to the constitution.

Citizens have a duty to be aware of the constitution.

It’s the government’s responsibility to make sure that the constitution governs every aspect of life.

The power of the constitution is deeply rooted in every individual.

There is no law if there is no loyalty to the state among its citizens.

Every state must strive to defend its constitution.

What did you make of these quotes about the constitution? There are immense rewards to upholding the constitution, both for citizens and states. Share these quotes with other citizens of your nation, so they, too, can work towards a bright future for the state.

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