25 Gun Quotes from the Worlds Greatest Minds

People have different opinions on the possession of guns, as they can be dangerous when mishandled. The law in some states allows citizens to have guns for self-protection, while others don’t. To master the art of shooting, you need training from certified and experienced personnel. We have collected some of the best humorous gun control and shooting range gun quotes from the world’s greatest shooters, movies, and books.

Guns and weapons are a threat to the existence of mankind.

Morality and justice are undermined by the use of force and the existence of guns.

Irresponsible people who own guns risk the lives of innocent citizens.

Guns are found in many films.

Knowing how and when to use a gun is what makes you armed.

Taking up guns is the only way to get end a war.

Guns should always be in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.

Low gun violence is no reason to leave guns on the streets.

The gun is the responsibility of the carrier.

We should be using love and compassion as tools against violence.

There are times when a gun may be useful.

Gun violence should be controlled; it has killed so many great people.

It may be people who are behind gun violence, but gun control is still necessary.

The people who use guns irresponsibly are the real threat.

People are the ones who pull the trigger.

Gun control can often inconvenience people who use guns responsibly.

Decision-making is the most important component in the shooting.

How you feel about guns depends on who is holding them.

Guns, like action movies, are exciting in part because of the danger involved.

Gun dealers should be subject to control.

Guns are not necessary to a democracy.

Guns are powerful tools that are dangerous when mishandled.

Democracy should not be spread through violence.

Gun control can at times seem like a futile effort.

Guns are powerful weapons.

Did you enjoy and get inspired by these quotes about guns? If you did, then you may want to be very cautious when handling firearms. We hope you enjoy these gun quotes and are willing to implement what you have learned.

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