25 Forbidden Love Quotes to Help You Understand How Uncontrollable Desire Can Be

Forbidden love has been present in society from time immemorial. These forbidden love quotes demonstrate that nothing in the world is more exciting. Of course, these quotes about forbidden love also clearly show the dangers of being in such a relationship.

Forbidden love would not be nearly as exciting if it weren’t forbidden.

Nighttime is as important for self-reflection as it is for secret lovers.

Forbidden love has a classical, romantic feeling.

Forbidden love often becomes as bitter as it once was sweet.

Desire can drive you to obsess about things you know you shouldn’t love.

Romeo and Juliet are synonymous with forbidden love and the consequences that may arise.

The desire for forbidden love is so strong because it’s prohibited.

Nothing lasts as long as forbidden love.

The pain of forbidden love can be excruciating.

Forbidden lovers may not be a good fit for anyone but each other.

You can’t deny the appeal of that which is forbidden.

Forbidden love, though full of passion, must happen in secret.

When you’re unable to express your love, you feel like the world is punishing you.

When one partner’s goals are so different from the other’s, forbidden love loses its luster.

Love makes you feel like you can never get enough of the one you love.

It’s very painful to love someone who sees you as no more than a friend.

Forbidden love can be enticing but can also sour quickly.

No matter how you try, you cannot stop yourself from feeling the way you do.

You can’t measure the depth of forbidden love.

Sadly, those you love have the greatest chance of hurting you.

The desire to see one you love in spite of yourself can overwhelm you.

Forbidden love can make you feel like a prisoner.

Forbidden love can make you happy to be a sinner.

Forbidden love can make you forget your responsibilities.

Forbidden love can be sudden, unexpected, and too powerful to deny.

It’s impossible to deny the attraction of forbidden love. However, these forbidden love quotes can help you to express your feelings. Sharing quotes on forbidden love should not harm anyone, but don’t go against your ethics and cause trouble by engaging in a forbidden relationship.

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