25 First Impression Quotes for You to Make the Right Impression

From comfort zones to formal places, in a friendly environment or a hostile one, everywhere the first impression plays a vital role. On the internet, you can find thousands of first impression quotes. But we have gathered together the 25 best first impression sayings for you to share.

The first impression of a person is usually the truth.

A firm handshake always makes a good first impression.

Smiling works like magic to build a good first impression.

There is no second opportunity to make a first impression.

Your style sense plays a big role in the first impression.

Often the first impression is nothing but show.

Famous people lose the opportunity to make a first impression.

You can’t go back in time to get the first impression right.

Acting based on the first impression helps in times of uncertainty.

Make a big effort to make a good first impression.

You can judge a script by the first impression it makes on you.

The first impression is important, as it’s impossible to change people’s minds.

People get their first impression of you from social media now.

Don’t always rely on the first impression.

A confident person believes in the theory of the first impression.

Looks and attitude play a big role in your first impression.

Making a good first impression while training is important.

Even countries create a first impression in our minds.

Don’t underestimate the value of the first impression in business.

The first impression depends on the environment.

Never forget the magic of a good first impression.

Don’t let a subject’s first impression be the last.

Never misjudge the value of the first impression in the workplace.

It may be a cliché, but it’s true.

A good first impression is important, but a good lasting one is essential.

Though there can be a strong debate about the significance of the first impression, it can’t be denied that making a good first one never hurts. These first impression quotes seem to agree. Let everybody know your point of view about it by sharing the first impressions quotes that you like.

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