25 Election Quotes to Make You Realize Your Importance as a Citizen

The election is probably the most important concept of modern civilization. It is an important tool of democracy that helps a nation grow. We have gathered 25 election quotes for you to understand its importance. Share these quotes about election, and help people to realize the value of voting.

An election determines the security of a state.

The main purpose of an election is to make the country stronger.

Election gives opportunity to everyone.

Participating in an election is really important.

An election is the most crucial decision-making time for people.

To elect the right person to use power is important.

Election is a process that teaches us acceptance.

A fair politician needs nothing to win an election.

An elected person should never forget about the people.

Fair election is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The result of an election needs to be precise.

Every election is important.

Election is the process that determines the rights of the people.

Casting a vote in an election is the duty of every citizen.

Voting is the most powerful weapon of the common people.

A humble candidate understands the importance of the election.

Just like the election, the transition of power is important.

There is nothing more powerful than a ballot in democracy.

Voting in an election confirms your safety as a citizen.

The day of the election lets people express their opinions.

No one likes to lose in an election.

An unfair election should not be accepted.

To hear public opinions is the main intention of an election.

A confident candidate never listens to election-based rumors.

Young voters can make a difference in an election.

Without the process of election, it is impossible to think about the present world. An election is an idea that secures the right of every human being. These campaigning quotes for election should make you understand its importance. So, share these election quotes and remind people about their duties on election day.

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