25 Democracy Quotes to Explain the Concept of This Great Political System

Democracy is such a political system where the citizens have active participation in the formation of the government. Therefore, it is important for the masses to understand the concept, and these democracy quotes can help. These quotes about democracy will also encourage you to become a better citizen.

The main concern of democracy is the people.

Democracy teaches us to be autonomously united.

A democratic system believes in the people.

Honour of the individual is protected by democracy.

True democracy cares about the minority.

Democracy is all about giving priority to everyone.

The idea of democracy makes you fight for your rights.

Democracy is a system that fights for the betterment of people every day.

Democracy is the most respectable form of government.

Education is the way to attain a better democracy.

Democracy doesn’t run the people, it’s the other way around.

Democracy protects diversity and ensures constructive criticism.

Justice is preserved by democracy.

Democracy makes you more of a social being.

The rights of the poor are protected by the democratic system.

Individual peace and contentment are the biggest priority of democracy.

The idea of citizenship is the core of democracy.

Democracy believes in the freedom of people.

Democracy protects your rights as a citizen.

A democratic system is always an ongoing process.

The democratic system teaches us the responsibilities of citizenship.

Democracy tries to teach us how to rely on each other.

Information is what keeps the democratic system running.

Being progressive is the main rule of democracy.

Democracy believes in discussions and finding the best solutions.

In a democracy, every citizen of the state is considered equal, and these democracy quotes also praise the system for ensuring the maximum civil rights. We hope that these quotes on democracy will help you to be enthusiastic to know about it and start practicing it in your daily life.

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