25 Birthday Messages for a Dear Friend Who Is Far Away

A friend’s birthday is always important. Celebrating it becomes even more important when you and your friend are far apart. A birthday message for a friend who is far away should be eloquent and very special. Check out our collection of birthday messages for long-distance best friends to help you celebrate the occasion spectacularly.

Celebrating your friend’s birthday from far away makes your friendship stronger.

Remember to at least mention the cake on your long-distance friend’s birthday.

As long as your relationship is strong, distance cannot weaken your friendship.

When your friend has a birthday someplace far away, it makes you emotional.

Wishing your friends happy birthday is important when they’re away.

Distance doesn’t matter when it’s your close friend’s birthday.

Missing your friend on her/his birthday is painful.

Don’t forget to send your friend a birthday hug.

A friend’s birthday is never the same when she’s/he’s away.

Your homesick friend needs a heartfelt birthday message.

Your friend’s birthday helps you remember the meaning of friendship.

Remember to wish your long-distance best friend a happy birthday.

The birthday of your long-distance friend will bring back sweet memories.

Never forget to thank your long-distance friends for their support.

Remind your friend to celebrate her/his birthday even if you’re away.

Your long-distance best friend’s birthday may make you sad.

Remember to pray for your friend on her/his birthday.

A friend’s birthday is always special, regardless of where you are.

A friend’s birthday can help you realize how unimportant distance is.

Don’t forget to say happy birthday to your amazing, long-distance friend.

Look forward to the time when you’ll be together again.

A friend’s birthday gives you the chance to appreciate your friendship.

Enjoying a friend’s birthday is important even if he’s away.

Your long-distance friend’s birthday can make you happy even though he/she isn’t there.

Sadly, nothing is quite as good as having your friend beside you.

Celebrating a friend’s birthday is important even if the two of you live far away from each other. If you send a birthday message for a dear friend who is far away, it will make his/her day even more special. But don’t forget to send her/him a gift along with the perfect birthday letter for long distance best friend.

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