25 Best Ship Quotes to Cope With Life a Little Better

Ships are mighty machines that travel over water and cover great distances. They are a symbol of power, persistence, and human ingenuity. And, today, ship quotes come in handy as metaphors of human journeys, like that of life or just reaching a goal.

So for souls who are on a constant quest, ship quotes help them sail safely through. In simple words, these ship quotes will guide you in finding the right approach in your various endeavors. Have a look!

Some people go on planning but never execute the plan.

Build your ship to be strong.

Children are never too young to be steered in the right direction.

Don’t fear the challenges ahead.

You must have more than one reason for hope in life.

Problems exist so that we learn new skills while fighting them.

There is always a way to reach your dream destination in life.

Keep an eye on the budget.

The best friends are those who are right beside you at your worst times.

Skill is more important than strength in leadership.

Unless you find a better alternative, it is better to stick to the existing plan.

Sometimes, small is beautiful.

For a journey to be successful, it’s a skill that matters, not the means.

You need to get out of your comfort zone in order to live, learn and explore.

Ventures can still fail, even when the prospects look good.

Judge a person not when he is at his highest point, but when he is at his lowest.

As the ship depends on water, man relies on dreams to sail through life.

We all need to be going somewhere.

It’s okay to take a break. Life never gets tired, but you may.

Some difficult times in our lives make us wary forever.

Ships represent an opportunity to realize a dream.

Those who sail hold their heads high.

It’s all about the cost of maintenance.

Don’t wait for good fortune to come to you.

Our hearts are often swept along in the tides of time and destiny.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading through the ship quotes we have compiled here. We expect that at least one ship quote will help you to understand and make the right decisions in life, or in a situation you are currently in. If this is not about you, perhaps you could share a quote with a friend. Good luck!

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