25 Best City Life Quotes

Nature is definitely worth a visit every now and then, but many people can’t stand the quiet and boring side of it. That’s why a lot of people prefer to live in the city. The demand for city life has never been greater and there’s no better way to showcase it than with quotes about cities.

The people are the most important part of any city.

One of a city’s key assets is the diversity of its citizens.

Whether we follow that path or not, the city represents the future as we know it.

Cities have been the basis of this nation ever since they were founded.

Why be lonely in the rural areas? At least in a city you’re alone together.

Cities are built on diversity, so there’s a little something for anyone.

We all have that place we call home, whether we currently live there or not.

We seem to be attracted to the madness of a city.

Although it may not seem like it, a city can be a welcoming place to raise a family.

We all know that the fun starts in a city when the sun goes down.

Cities don’t stop, and everything is available on demand.

Your home city will always support you, so don’t forget to give that love right back to it.

You’ll learn something new about yourself in every city. Go explore!

Some of the greatest cities are some of the least populated.

Even in a city, it’s important to not forget about the basic foundations of life.

The city is man’s imposition on the natural world.

The city life isn’t for everyone. In fact, some people despise it.

The city is where all the glitz and glamour can be found, the bright lights and luxury lifestyles.

If you’ve been to a city, you know there’s a weird beauty in public transportation.

And when we need to escape…

It doesn’t matter the size of the city, but rather the vision.

If you don’t like the city, time spent there can seem interminable.

Don’t try to bring the country life into the city; enjoy it for what it is.

Some people feel more comfortable in the city than in the natural world.

The perk to living in a city is you have no excuse for being bored.

If you’ve been a city-lover your whole life, then these city quotes are sure to explain your life in a nutshell and why you prefer the city. The convenience of it all is so appealing, you’re constantly surrounded by people (if you’re into that), and you have various forms of entertainment all around you.

What’s not to love about the city life?

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