25 Best Chess Quotes for Geniuses

Whether you love playing chess or not, this game has a lot to teach you. Borrowing from the intricacies of the game, these chess quotes will guide you through some of the trickiest situations in life.

On top of that, you can also explore the minds of great chess players and see how brilliantly they plan each thoughtful move. So have a look at the quotes and see how they can help you to make real-life moves.

Every great man once started from scratch.

Chess is a war where the purpose is to defeat the opponent’s mind.

If properly understood, chess can turn madness into sanity.

What chess teaches you can come in handy in all kinds of professions.

Chess is an inspirational game that generates only good thoughts.

Chess turns players into perfectionists.

Make your own initiatives rather than being a pawn in someone else’s game.

Chess clears the mind and makes it wiser.

Chess is where the mind exercises.

Chess is a mini version of the challenges that we face in life.

Chess is food for the soul.

The remorse a chess player has is the worst kind of remorse.

Chess mirrors man’s struggle for understanding.

Just as in chess, we need to take action in order to move forward in life.

The top leaders often lead from behind.

Great achievements often finish with small movements.

Age and chess are two ways of gaining wisdom.

Chess is also a game of errors aplenty.

When it comes to chess, the greatness lies in the game and not the players.

It is important to play the pawns well.

Playing chess needs the application of creative analysis.

Chess is war in miniature.

In chess and in life, everything can go wrong in a single move.

To get good at chess, it is important that you love the game.

Take time to appreciate what it’s all about.

Chess is a game for smart minds, requiring persistence and patience. So we hope that you have read all the above quotes about chess and life, and are able to relate to them. And the next time you or a friend are in some sort of a dilemma, one of these cool chess life quotes will guide you through with ease. Good luck!

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