25 Beautiful Quotes on Unconditional Love

There can never be anything better than unconditional love. You are accepting a person for who they are and not for what you would want them to be. You would love them always and hope for the best for them, as you look past their imperfections as well as any mistakes that they may make. Given below are 25 quotes that express your true feelings.

To know what unconditional love is, try to love and accept people with all their flaws.

The pain in this world is due to expectations. Once we learn how to love people unconditionally, all the pain in the world will go away.

We need to love others as well as ourselves without any conditions. In other words, we must learn to be kind to ourselves and others.

The best example of unconditional love is the love for a child. Only then you would know what bliss means.

As soon as you say that you care for a person, you add a condition. It is not unconditional love anymore.

It is difficult to explain the logic behind unconditional love, but that does not diminish its power.

Start by loving yourself with no conditions attached. Do not expect others to initiate it for you.

Finding a person who can love you for what you are is the greatest joy in this world.

Once there are strings attached to any relationship, it can break with the lightest snap.

There is no other feeling like loving a person for no reason.

You are blessed if you have someone who will always stand by you.

When someone loves you unconditionally, they will find a reason to be with you at all times.

Love is more than a statement. It encompasses the physical beauty and inner soul of a person.

When you truly love someone, you will keep loving him or her regardless of some mistakes.

Once you love someone unconditionally, your world would revolve around that person.

Never attach conditions when you find love.

Love is blind, and that is the way it should be.

If love has conditions attached to it, then it is not true love.

It is never easy to love someone without any expectations, and this is why very few can love unconditionally.

If it is unconditional love, it will survive through trying times and circumstances.

True love means putting the other before self. It means accepting the other person completely with no expectations.

The human mind cannot understand love. It can only be felt through the human heart.

The basic definition of love is to accept people for who they are, with no attempts to change them ever.

Your love becomes stronger when you decide to give and give more.

Your love without restrictions will let you love people for who they are.

The unconditional love quotes given above show us that true love for someone has no restrictions or demands. These quotes teache you to accept a person completely, such as the way a mother adores her child.

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