25 Amusing Puzzle Quotes to See the Bigger Picture in Life

Puzzles have been used as a metaphor for life’s challenges throughout the ages. We often forget to see the big picture. Puzzle quotes help us see it in a fun-filled way.

Let’s take a look at some quotes about puzzles which will remind us of the things that really matter in life.

We all have our part to play in the universe.

We have to build our lives as if we were putting together a jigsaw.

Life is nothing but solving puzzles.

We are all a part of a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Solving life’s problems is similar to solving a puzzle.

The puzzle of the universe would be incomplete without us.

Each problem we face in life is a new puzzle for us to solve.

The surprises of life are like searching for the puzzle pieces.

Your own style is waiting for you to discover it.

The knowledge we have is nothing but a small piece of the puzzle.

You must live through all the turmoil of emotions to complete life.

You are the missing piece of the puzzle of someone’s life.

Knowing people is like understanding a mathematical puzzle.

You are the main jigsaw piece in your own big picture of life.

Our brain is the most challenging piece of the jigsaw.

Living each day is sort of like solving a jigsaw puzzle.

Every one of us together fulfills the big puzzle of the universe.

You either work well with someone, or you don’t.

Finding missing pieces of your puzzle fills the emptiness of life.

Don’t waste your time trying to fit the wrong pieces of the puzzle.

We all carry some missing pieces of someone else’s puzzle.

Putting life together is solving the greatest puzzle.

In the end, the puzzle of life fits together.

Life often seems to consist of unrelated pieces.

You win at life when you solve life’s puzzle.

We all are invaluable pieces of the puzzle of this universe. We all have a purpose to fulfill in this world, without which the big picture of the universe would not be complete.

I hope the above puzzle quotes will help you to see the bigger picture and understand how we all fit together in this universe.

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