25 Amusing Bad Boy Quotes for All the Girls Who Fell for One

When it comes to bad boys, girls are all over them. Although it sounds like a bad judgment on the girls’ part, almost everyone has been through that phase when the bad boy status is just oh-so-charming.

For some girls, bad boy status is an ideal type. Bad boys are protective of their girls. Bad boys are fun and exciting. Girls feel like they have the power to cure and save bad boys.

All of these are hardly the case in real life. Let’s take a look at 25 bad boy quotes by famous personalities who seemed to have great knowledge about the subject.

Serious commitments and bad boys don’t go hand in hand.

Bad boys can be good, but only if they want to change themselves.

Bad boys are always more exciting.

Bad boy looks and good boy heart is the perfect combination.

Bad boys are just little kids at heart.

Bad boys are just so nice to look at.

A bad boy might just be the perfect thing for some girls.

Bad boys don’t always have good character.

The combination of a bad boy and a good man is irresistible.

For some girls, it is everything they want!

Bad boys are just really good at getting girls.

Bad boys are merely the product of bad surroundings.

Your choice in men is a reflection of how much you value yourself.

Bad boys are difficult to deal with.

Some girls are just not into bad boys.

Good boys can be falsely assumed as bad boys.

Taming a bad boy is the idea of most girls.

It’s not impossible to take a bad boy to meet your parents.

Bad boy syndrome can have a huge impact on girls’ minds.

Bad boys are mostly self-involved. Good boys care about nature and their surroundings, instead.

Nice guys finish last.

Being with a bad boy is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride.

Some guys are just nice.

Bad boys are always getting into trouble.

A good heart makes a bad boy good.

Bad boys are nothing but a product of bad surroundings. It’s exciting to be with them, but the risk of getting hurt is too high. No one can change a bad boy but the bad boy in question himself.

I hope the above quotes will act as a reminder to all the girls who have helplessly fallen for a bad boy that girls are not a rehabilitation center for bad boys to become good.

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