25 Amazing Housewarming Invitation Messages

Moving out of an old home can be both exciting and scary. The new home will promise new adventures, but the old house has beautiful memories that not everyone is usually willing to give up. The housewarming party is yet another thing that freaks out many people. Inviting friends and family to the housewarming party can also be disastrous for some people. We have collected some of the best housewarming invitation messages to make your work easier.

We hope the housewarming invitation words we have listed will get your family and friends looking forward to the party.

Welcome to the housewarming adventure!

A housewarming is all about family and blessings.

Don’t miss out on the housewarming party!

Don’t miss the grand opening of a new home!

Moving can be tiresome but it comes with the present of housewarming.

Housewarming is the transition from an old home to a new home.

The perfect house, for a perfect family.

A house is never a home without the presence of family and friends.

Welcome to the grand opening of our new home!

Your presence will highly be appreciated.

The accomplishment of a dream calls for a celebration.

Housewarming is all about settling in.

No celebration is small, as long as it’s built on love.

Grace our housewarming with happiness.

Smiles are a blessing to a new home.

Don’t miss out on our housewarming party.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime!

It’s the smiles that create a home, not the house.

The presence of family and friends is what makes a new house a home.

We hope you will like our new house.

You are invited to turn our new house inside out!

Your wine glass is waiting at our housewarming party.

The best way to create a happy home is by involving your loved ones.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a blessing to our house.

Your positivity is needed at our housewarming party!

Family and friends are what bring life to a new house.

Welcome to the “home-warming” party!

Your presence will be a blessing.

May love and smiles grace this house.

May your presence make our house a home.

Isn’t this housewarming invitation message collection beautiful? Did the housewarming wording get your family and friends excited about the party? If the housewarming invitation message collection worked for you, share with your family and friends so that they can also use it in their invitations.

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