25 Abortion Quotes to Help You Make Informed Decisions

Abortion has been around almost since the beginning of humanity, and people, organizations, and religious parties have all had different opions about it. This is a topic that has been discussed widely and has caused a lot of division. While some refer to it as murder, others consider it mercy. To make the situation clearer, we have collected some of the best abortion quotes to help you think through your feelings about abortion. We hope these quotes on abortion have a positive impact on your life.

Abortion ends potential life before it starts.

Some feel that abortion calls into question the morals of our society.

The means to control reproduction should be our main focus, not abortion.

Some feel that abortion has the potential to destroy the bonds that unite humanity.

People sometimes let their own fears determine whether a child is born or not.

Those who fight to pass abortion laws are already among the living.

Abortion is often viewed as an act that trades one life for another.

The choice to abort is never made lightly; the decision is often very painful.

To some, the availability of abortions seems to cheapen life.

Many fear that limiting access to abortion will lead to desperate, dangerous decisions.

Some worry that abortions cause irreparable damage to women.

Some feel that choosing to abort is choosing to run away from responsibility.

The priority of even those who support abortion rights is for them to be unnecessary.

To some, those who choose to terminate a pregnancy are treating children as disposable.

Many seek to show a woman with an unplanned pregnancy its value.

A woman forced to make a very difficult decision should not be considered a criminal.

Some feel very strongly that abortion is a criminal act.

Others feel that abortion should not be illegal, even if they dislike it.

Moral persuasion, not legal intervention, is the best approach to dealing with abortion.

Some prioritize the life of an unborn child above a woman’s autonomy.

Many consider life to begin upon conception.

Women should consider all possible solutions when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Abortion is often a choice made in desperation.

Some feel that abortion is a crime against those who cannot defend themselves.

For some, the idea that an unborn baby is anything but alive seems ludicrous.

We hope the abortion quotes we listed for you were good resources for you and have helped you understand the discussion around abortion. If these quotes about abortion were meaningful to you, be sure to share the quotes with your loved ones so that they can contribute to the discussion. You should also take to heart the quotes that resonated with you the most.

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