24 Quotes and Sayings About Feelings

Before you find love, compassion, and enthusiasm, you need to have feelings. In life, every moment is crucial and usually unveils different types of emotions. At one moment, you experience a positive sentiment and others a negative one. Well, that is normal. With quotes on feelings, you will understand all about emotions and how to express them.
For you to be happy or sad about something or someone, you must have felt something.

Therefore, if you have been yearning for inspirational feeling quotes, then here are thirty quotes you need to read.

Feeling is hard to express into words.

Your feelings can change within seconds, but your memories will last long.

No matter how different I become, nothing will change my feelings for you.

Feel each happy moment with your heart.

Our thoughts exaggerate how we feel.

You are the one to decide what to do.

Sharing brings other people happiness.

For some people, unpleasant situations pull them in. For others, they rise above tough situations.

Everyone has those awkward moments, so don’t let them spoil your mood.

Don’t make others feel bad at any moment.

The more you think about your feelings, the more unhappy you’ll become.

Be the person you are. Then you will never feel bad when you are alone.

If you make your loved ones feel bad, you might eventually lose them.

Happiness is everywhere. You just have to find it.

You can’t simply shut your feelings off.

People will remember how you make them feel.

When we hide how we feel, either good or bad, people will eventually find out.

No one knows how you feel except yourself.

The things we can’t see or touch in life are the most vital things in life.

It’s better to feel bad than not feeling anything at all.

It’s hard to express your true feelings to the world.

Nothing hurts more than the betrayal from your lover.

If you are having a difficult time, don’t lose hope.

Everyone wants to be recognized.

Expressing how you feel without worrying about what the world has to say is usually a very challenging experience. Because of this, you might not know how to control and adjust your feelings. Hopefully, these thirty feelings quotes will help you understand how to handle your feelings.

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