24 Peaceful Quotes On Serenity

Serenity is a state of mind. It is tranquility attained through praying and quiet meditation. We often mistake serenity for loneliness but it is in fact freedom from the mental burden of unrealistic desires and troubling matters of the heart. The feeling of serenity transcends all things in life.

You have done all that is needed to be done. Be at peace.

One cannot achieve serenity without a quiet spirit.

Find happiness even when you are alone.

Peace lies within our souls, not in external factors.

Because our eyes can convey more feelings than words do.

These quotes about serenity inspire us to search for inner peace.

Serenity isn’t something that is given, you should win it.

One of our serenity quotes expresses the value of being calm.

Love brings a state of tranquility to the soul.

It is your choice to make – choose wisely.

Choose peace and life will follow.

Accept yourself as who you really are.

Spend time being still. It will bring out the best in you.

Serenity is having peace of mind and living with no regrets.

Serenity is finding shelter amidst a raging storm.

Let these quotes about serenity remind you to be still and pursue peace for the soul.

See the world with different eyes with these quotes about serenity.

Is there anything that can comfort you more than finding peace in your heart?

Sit back, relax and find tranquility in all that you do.

Serenity is like a dream which nobody wants to wake up from.

Serenity is permanent, once you let go worthless things in life.

Discover peace in living simply.

Choose to pursue peace to be free.

Discerning the difference between needs and wants will give you peace.

Serenity is inner peace within our souls. Lay aside your cares and make time to seek tranquility. It is of utmost importance to take a step back from the temporal pleasures and busy pace of life to find the serenity within. Rather than the relentless pursuit of money or fame, seek out serenity, otherwise, life would be most miserable.

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