23 Lady Quotes and Sayings

The term ‘lady’ used to be associated with women who belonged to royal and noble families in the Victorian era. However, the term lady changed its meaning over time, and it became a symbol of femininity and fragility. Nowadays, the word lady has become obsolete, and modern-day women have become a symbol of power, strength, and change. Have a look at famous lady quotes if you want to know what it was like to be called a lady.

Read our collection of lady quotes and sayings and celebrate the empowerment of modern-day women.

Ladies always value their family more than anything.

Women are meant to be loving and loved.

Be a true lady.

Women should be independent in their life.

Don’t respond to disrespectful behavior.

Despite being a strong lady, it feels good to be loved.

A true lady creatively expresses herself.

A true lady knows to express herself appropriately.

A classy lady never uses vulgar language.

Always treat a lady respectfully.

Act like a lady if you want to be treated with respect.

The rules of etiquette are essential for a lady.

A lady and a vampire never reveal their age.

Morals are essential to a beautiful lady.

True ladies do not need to call themselves a lady.

A true lady never wears clothes that reveal her body.

Never get jealous of other relationships because you don’t know the truth.

A true lady brings out the best in her man.

Watching the dance of a lady is a pleasing sight.

Women can be good leaders, not just wives and mothers.

People don’t like women who express themselves too freely.

Only a classy lady can act gracefully under pressure.

A woman should be wise, youthful and classy.

The 21st century is an era of revolution, and age-old social norms are leaving society. Similarly, the role of women has also evolved to a great extent. Women like Helen Keller and Mother Teresa are inspirations for humankind. Nowadays, women are considered an embodiment of progress, humanity, and change due to their fruitful contribution to society. You can say that being a lady doesn’t mean being oppressed and fragile anymore.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of ladies quotes.

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