22 Interesting Face Quotes

Your face is like a book that is open for everyone to read. It shows your health, personality, and inner nature. People can tell so much about you by just looking at your face. Take a peek at these fantastic face quotes.

Looks aren’t everything.

Your face will always reveal the truth.

But many people try to show a false face.

Always start your day with happiness on your face.

Some faces become very well known.

Any progress is to be appreciated.

Physical beauty is temporary. It fades as you age.

The most worthwhile people often don’t stay with us for long.

Your face is the reflection of your soul.

Your physical appearance might change, but your character never will.

There is an infinite variety of faces.

Appearances are often deceptive.

Your face carries more meaning than you might imagine.

A face that communicates peace is a beautiful thing.

Real beauty comes from the inside.

Beauty of the mind is worth far more than that of the face.

Even the most beautiful things have some flaws.

A beautiful face is all you need to attract people.

Our faces reflect the lives we have led.

It is hard to understand human beings. Expect anything from them.

Sometimes, life can be ruthless to us, but it shouldn’t steal our joy and happiness.

If you must be two-faced, don’t be too extreme about it.

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