21 Quotes from the Movie “Someone Great” That Will Inspire You to Watch It

If you like romantic comedies, you could watch the movie “Someone great”. Three best friends are celebrating their successes, lost loves, and new life-plans. “Someone great quotes” are a collection of conversations and thoughts about relationships. We hope the following “someone great” movie quotes will inspire you in some ways.

Being with you one last time will make it easier for me to let you go.

I don’t feel it’s the right time for me to leave.

My love for you didn’ t fade away.

When things shatter, it’s impossible to put them back together.

Over time, we grew up, and we are no longer the same people.

There are endless possibilities for us as individuals, but not as a couple.

I hope our relationship will never end.

When a broken heart doesn’t hurt anymore, that’s when you finally let go.

Sometimes you realize what you once felt for someone was not real.

My love for you makes me want to hug you forever.

I don’t want to grow up because everything will change.

We will always be a part of each other’s life.

I don’t think it’s wise for you to use our ketchup.

Sometimes, we have to continue our journey in life without a loved one.

Some people don’t see the importance of finding a soulmate.

It’s hard to erase the memories of a 9-year relationship that ends.

I am dreaming of owning a company one day.

I am only interested in long-term relationships.

Sometimes, we wish everything in our life could remain the same.

If you want to get that loved one back, then go after them.

I will do everything I can to keep our love alive.

Our someone great quotes are a mixture of humor, tears, and joy. Because the primary character, Jenny, has complicated happenings in her life. Anyone who had a heartbreak will appreciate quotes for someone great. But in life, you always find the strength to move forward. Remember to share these quotes with friends and loved ones.

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