21 Quotes About Light and Dark to Help You See the Brighter Side of Life

Duality is the very nature of this world. Light and darkness, hope and despair, love and hate, pain, and pleasure – they all co-exist. We must change our mindset and start appreciating difficulties and challenges for the myriad gifts they bring. We hope these quotes about light and dark will inspire you to see all difficult experiences as ideal opportunities for growth.

Here is our selection of light and dark quotes for you.

The only remedy to negative situations is taking positive actions.

Evil people shy away from goodness and positivity.

Every person has the potential for both good and evil.

Positivity, no matter how little, can make a great difference.

Every action has its consequences.

Blessings and hardships both serve you in the end.

The hardest life experiences can bring out our greatest strengths.

Your mindset determines what you will experience.

Duality is at the core of human existence.

Every person has a purpose to fulfill; not live an ordinary life.

Faith gives us hope for better during hard times.

Hope helps us hold on to the belief that better is coming.

Make yourself strong enough to endure all hardships.

Hope and firm belief are the core qualities of a visionary.

Hardships, no matter how grave, will end.

Never lose hope when facing your greatest challenges.

Perceived hope may be the beginning of a new challenge.

Evil provides the perfect platform for goodness to stand out.

Hard times make you truly appreciate the good in life.

There is a blessing hidden inside every hardship.

Always hold on to love and hope.

These quotes about light and dark teach us to face life’s difficulties with equanimity. We can use our hardships to build greater strength of character. Don’t wallow in self-pity or run away from challenges. Lift yourself up and keep marching ahead – good times are never too far away.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of dark and light quotes.

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