20 You Are Special to Me Quotes

Life is like a long road where you keep on meeting new people and new things in life. Some people and things eventually become a special part of your life, and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging them. Let’s go through famous and relatable “you are special to me quotes” and learn to appreciate special people in your life.

Read our collection of “you are special quotes” and celebrate your life.

If you are special to me, I will put you before other things I love.

Fans have a special place in an artist’s heart.

To me, you are the most special. I love you and miss you.

In my heart, you are the most special one.

You are perfectly special, regardless of your flaws and strengths.

You are very special to me. Nothing should keep you down.

I will never forget all the special moments we shared.

I love the way you are.

I don’t know why, but I love you.

If I sacrifice my food and sleep for you — you are special.

Your heart is special and I love you for that.

Even though we fight often, you are still oh so special to me.

You have all the virtues mankind is blessed with.

You live in my heart; I treasure you.

You are a special person in my life and mean everything to me.

You are special if I reveal my insecurities to you.

I love you and everything about you.

I love it when you are happy.

Your love is life to me.

You are special to me now and always.

Life is dull, boring, and bland without friends and family. The casual fight you have with your sibling or the dress you borrowed from your friend adds beauty to life. You would suffer from depression if you don’t have anyone close to you. Research shows that people with genuine companions and sincere friends live a long life. So we hope you have someone special for you who always brightens your day.

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