20 Wishes to Express Your Feelings on a Deceased Loved One’s Birthday

There are very few occasions which are as enjoyable as birthdays. But even such occasions might become mournful when they are deceased loved ones’ birthday. Expressing your feelings on such a day is tough. So, we’ve gathered some birthday wishes for friend who passed away for you, which might help you to express your thoughts.

Our loved ones become stars when they pass away.

Loved ones’ birthdays remind you how they’re always in your thoughts.

Life feels empty without your loved ones.

On loved one’s birthdays, you reminisce about them.

Knowing that your loved ones are in peace makes you happy.

Losing someone is hard; knowing they’re in heaven gives you joy.

While in heaven, loved ones always remain in your heart.

Birthdays make you miss your loved ones more.

Don’t forget to send blessings in heaven to your beloved.

You’ll surely reunite with your brother in heaven.

You hope that your departed loved one knows how much they’re missed.

You hope that your friend is celebrating her/his birthday in heaven.

The Almighty took your beloved back, as He loves them.

Your deceased loved ones are always watching over you.

Life is boring without your deceased loved ones.

Loved ones’ birthdays make you miss their sweet presence in life.

Your departed friend is surely in a better place now.

Your brother’s death can’t separate you from him.

It’s painful when you can’t wish your beloved happy birthday anymore.

The death of a friend makes your life tough.

An occasion like a deceased loved one’s birthday brings back sweet, happy memories that make you sad. Remembering a deceased brother on his birthday makes you realize his importance in your life. But, apart from reminiscing and feeling sad, let the birthday of a deceased loved one give you the chance to pray for her/him.

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