20 Short Paragraphs to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Texting has become an important part of our everyday communication because a lot of people feel more comfortable sending a text than making a call. Furthermore, you can also use text messages to express your feelings without getting confused. If you are trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, use these “patch up messages for ex-girlfriend”.

Read our collection of apologetic “messages for ex-girlfriend”.

Don’t leave me because I love you.

I apologize for my wrongdoings.

I can’t stop loving you.

I don’t feel alive without you.

Forgive me; let’s get back together.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

I’m sorry for everything bad I did to you.

Please forgive me and take me back.

I apologize for all the trouble I’ve put you through

I miss you.

Please forget it and give me another chance.

Let’s catch up some time.

Let’s make things better between us.

I want to spend some time together with you.

Let’s talk at lunch.

I hope to make things better between us.

I can’t forget you.

I miss you.

I want to make up for the bad things I did to you.

I feel sad without you.

Most of the time, breakups happen due to misunderstood feelings and the desire to break off the relationship. You can say that anger and frustration lead to hasty breakups, which you’ll regret later on. To make things better between you and your ex-girlfriend, you must sincerely apologize to her.

If you still love your ex-girlfriend, pick one from these short paragraphs to get your ex-girlfriend back.

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